Christine Evans   April 17, 1948 - March 25, 2017

Christine Evans  
April 17, 1948 - March 25, 2017

Obituary (from Furniture Today):

BADIN LAKE, N.C. — Christine Beshears Evans, 68, a resident of Badin Lake and former executive director for the American Society of Furniture Designers, passed away March 25.
Evans was born to the late Edd and Maddy Beshears on April 17, 1948. She grew up in Mills Home in Thomasville and was there from 1955 to 1966. After graduating from Thomasville High School, she moved to Michigan where she worked in the automotive industry for 30 years.

On July 8, 1978, she married Robert Paul Evans. After her retirement, she and her husband then moved to Badin Lake.  After the move, Evans worked for the ASFD as executive director for 18 years. "Christine will be greatly missed by all who's lives she touched at the American Society of Furniture Designers and for her years of service and the joy she brought to the job," said John Conrad, ASFD executive director. "Our thoughts and prayers are with Robert and the family." 

She was preceded in death by four brothers, Charles “Chuck” Adam Beshears, Raymond Beshears, James Farley Beshears, and Allen Beshears; she is also preceded in death by one sister, Shirley Temple Miller.

Evans is survived by her husband, one sister, three sisters-in-law, a niece, seven nephews, and her brothers and sisters from Mills Home.

A funeral service was held March 29 at 2 p.m. in the J.C. Green and Sons Chapel in Thomasville with the Rev. Roy Cantrell officiating. Interment followed the service in Holly Hill Memorial Park.

In lieu of flowers, the family asks for memorials to be made to Baptist Children's Home of N.C., Attn.: Michael C. Blackwell, P.O. Box 338, Thomasville, N.C. 27361-9911.


Shared Thoughts about Christine

It was my pleasure to work with Christine Evans during my tenure as past president and treasurer of the Americans Society of Furniture Designers. She and I worked very closely together for many years and with her hard work and bright spirit she kept on top of any job that was thrown her way. Her diligent work on the Pinnacle Awards Program kept the program running flawlessly with her utmost dedication until her retirement.  We, the ASFD community will miss her joyous outlook on work and life. It is so unfortunate that she was unable to enjoy a longer retirement with her beloved husband Robert after all she did for so many people. Christine will be greatly missed by all of us.

Arto O. Szabo
Past President, Chairman and Treasurer of ASFD


I worked with Christine Evans for many, many years as Pinnacle chair and president of ASFD.  She was as fiercely protective of ASFD as a lioness is with her cubs and was a tireless advocate for our organization and its members.  She made everyone feel they were important to our profession, whether they be a student member or long-established professional designer. 

She shepherded the growth of the Pinnacle Awards from a very modest affair to one of the preeminent events in our industry and always credited others, such as our sponsors, judges and presenters, as those most responsible for the Pinnacle’s success but we all knew it was due to her hard work behind the scenes.  She was gregarious but unassuming and truly never met a stranger.  She will be missed.

Steve Hodges
Steve Hodges Associates, Inc.
Past ASFD President and Chairman


Christine was a mentor and a dear friend. She warmly welcomed me into the ASFD Community and we spent many years working alongside each other. It quickly became apparent that she was the heart and soul of the organization. It is with a heavy heart that I say goodbye to Christine. I can picture her now, with that big smile she always wore, looking down on us all. Rest in peace, my friend.
Jason Phillips
Vice President
Phillips Collection
Current ASFD President


As you know, I got to know and work closely with Christine each year in conjunction with the Pinnacles.  She was a delight on both fronts!  She could be zany, funny, serious and most of all, totally dedicated to making the Pinnacles the best they could be.  And despite the cliché, she put her heart and soul into the event.  She cared deeply about all of you and she will be missed tremendously.
Ray Allegrezza
Allegrezza & Associates LLC.
Past Editor-in-Chief of Furniture Today

Christine’s passing was a sad occasion for our small group at Leggett who worked with ASFD.  Christine was a strong personality that made things happen at the Spring and Fall events when she was the Director.
As a Corporate Member of the ASFD, Christine always made me (and my Leggett employee/partners) feel like a complete part of the organization.  She went out of her way to make sure that in the springtime sessions, we had plenty of table space and whatever we needed to show our latest products to the designers at the social events.  We never had a worry when she was in charge of events as they appeared to run without any hint of a problem.  All of us know that putting together the original Pinnacle Award dinners as well as the Spring Market socials took a lot of work.  She made it look easy.
One great thing she passed on to us was her unbridled energy, which John Conrad has continued for the group.   We will all remember her fondly.  We all wonder in life if we “made a difference…”---- Christine did make a difference and gave her “all” to the success of the American Society of Furniture Designers.

John Patrick
Group Vice-President
Home Furniture Components Group
Leggett & Platt Incorporated


Christine was always joyful and I remember how hard she worked and how much she supported the ASFD members. We are both very sorry to see that she has passed. As Catherine and many others have said, she will be remembered and missed.

Richard and Catherine Frinier
Principals + Managing Partners
Richard Frinier Design Studio


It was an honor to work with Christine for many years. Her help on starting and maintaining the Pinnacle Awards was extraordinary. We worked on the gambling program in the Gold Mine. I was the auctioneer. I also want to thank her husband Robert for all of his help. ASFD will always be grateful for all of her inputs.

Jeff Smoler, ASID, ASFD
Past Vice President ASFD


My fondest memories of Christine include her laugh and her ability to persuade .  With a gentle push that did not offend, she had a way of making you "extend your role" within ASFD.  The growth of the organization was always key, but she had an exceptional way of knowing when you were ready for the challenge to grow within ASFD and by connection, the industry.  I am thankful for her friendship and for her encouragement of me as an ASFD member, a furniture designer and a friend. Both Karen and I will miss her.
Richard A. Schroeder, (Past president and current Chairman of ASFD)
Vice President
Stanley Furniture Company
200 North Hamilton Street, No. 200
High Point, NC  27260


So sad to hear about Christine's passing.
She was a great Lady and was a big  part of the reason
I was able to stay with ASFD for many years. She was always
very delightful and positive.
She was loved by all the members and as stated was a
 crucial back bone to the going ons of all aspects of the ASFD
through many years.
Yes it is sad she did not get to enjoy many more years after
her retirement.

Mark Tucker


Thank you for letting me know, John. I enjoyed working with Christine as well as she was one of the people that really got me interested in being involved with the pinnacle awards. Thank you for sharing.

Jeff Selik
General Manager, Hillside Furniture


I was so taken back hearing of Christine.
Everyone loved her , Rob and sister Geraldine.  We have still stayed in touch right up to the Trump win.  As past president, I got to see the goings on behind the scenes, Christine was the blood line and made sure everything went as it should be.  Would you please forward her address so I may send a card to Rob and Geraldine I would love to see an award given in her name.  She may not have designed furniture but Christine designed and follow through a great Organization that I am not sure would have survived and become the Icon ASFD has become in our industry. Christine Will be missed sorely.

Jim DiPersia
Past President, Chairman ASFD


To all ASFD members:
How much we will miss Christine!
As one of the early honorees of the Pinnacle
Awards, I recognize the contribution she made to the Design Industry.
Founding this award helped to recognize the designers
of many generations.  Christine's endless energy and enthusiasm
for the design community will always be remembered by all of us!!

Nancy Genova
(Award /John Charles Designs)


It is so sad. I know her so long. When I think of the ASFD  I see Christine.
Time is moving faster than light.
God Bless her I will miss her.

Charles Monaco Jr. ASFD