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HSM is the new name of Hickory Springs Manufacturing. The company was founded in 1944 as a producer of coiled furniture springs. More than 68 years later, the private, family-owned company has evolved from a components supplier into a global manufacturer of integrated solutions and components for the transportation, furniture, bedding and a growing number of diversified markets, including packaging, healthcare and government/institutional. The forward-moving company is supported by approximately 2,500 employees in more than 50 manufacturing plants in 17 states and China.

Even as the company enters into or expands its presence in diversified markets, the home furnishings industry represents the largest segment of HSM’s customer base. With more than 300 foam formulations, HSM is one of the United States’ largest producers of foam. Drawing upon its product development and research and design capabilities, the manufacturer pioneered such innovations as Code* Red II® combustion inhibitive foam, EnduroFoam® premium performance foam and Preserve®, the first polyurethane foam made with a soybean-based chemical compound, which reduces the use of petroleum-based chemicals. The bio-based visco gel foam combines Visco Memory foam with cooling gel to provide increased comfort and consistent support.

HSM is also a leader in the manufacture and distribution of metal components for the furniture industry. The company is one of the nation's largest manufacturers of sleeper mechanisms for contract, industrial and consumer markets. Its metal division produces a wide variety of motion mechanisms, including incliners, rockers, swivel bases and recliners that feature recycled steel content and earth-friendly mechanisms to ensure smooth transition between positions and a safe and stable recline.

In addition, HSM offers an exclusive line of adjustable bed bases. All four models feature sections of movable panels that work independently to provide maximum comfort. The company’s exclusive FLX6™ six-panel adjustable base is an industry first, with six movable panels that work independently to customize elevation of the head, shoulders, mid-section, legs and feet.

HSM also has its own tempered steel wire drawing operation, which produces wire used in the manufacture of a broad line of coil springs and sinuous wire products for the upholstery, bedding, automotive, maintenance and retail industries.

The company has extended its traditional product lines even further, producing sleeper mattresses, polyester fiber cushioning, extruded plastics and batting materials for the furniture and bedding industries. Through the HSM Diversified business unit, the company stocks and distributes an extensive range of more than 6,000 supply items, including non-woven fabrics, welt cord, polyflex edging, packaging materials and strapping.

As HSM continues to build on its core capabilities, the company is investing in research and development, increasing its engineering staff and opening a new innovation center. The 30,000-square-foot Corporate Innovation and Research Center in Hickory is home to a complete design team focused on creating innovative products. The center also includes showrooms and conference rooms that provide settings for customers and vendors to work collaboratively on new products, programs and services, enabling HSM to leverage its expertise and respond rapidly to changing customer and market demands.

To learn more about HSM, please visit www.hsmsolutions.com.