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It is our hope that the members of ASFD, their clients, suppliers, students, retailers and consumers can all benefit from this glossary by providing a clarifying and unifying common communication and a better understanding of design terms. This glossary will provide the most common accepted definitions and examples of relevant applications we need to describe, explain or simply provide an appropriate label for evolving or repolarized styles and forms. It may also provide a lighthearted thought or two about how we think about the use of furnishings and design.
We have eliminated all other definitions unrelated to design related items.
As a living document, this glossary should evolve and grow. We therefore invite all to submit questions or suggestions about style definitions, names of materials, finishes, and other related topics by submitting questions or answers to our ASFD Designpedia editorial board.

The Language of Design shall grow as each of our members adds new additions. We encourage and invite additional words that may have been omitted but are important representative expressions used in context to design from of local, regional, or national usage.
Unlike a typical dictionary or glossary, ours is arranged by related categories. For example, the word ‘Table’ will appear under the master letter of “T” with a definition. All types of other related tables with their related descriptive name will be listed, such as coffee table.
Please use the form below to submit to the ASFD editorial board your suggestions along with a simple definition you suggest and we shall review and add appropriate items.

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