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Lockdowel Fasteners & Drawer Slides offer flexibility in design and cost reduction compared the use of conventional drawer slides, fasteners, glue and dowels or other systems for both casegoods and RTA furniture.  Lock furniture together using our patented snap together technology instead of using screws and brackets or cams that can loosen over time.


Ready to Assemble Manufactures:  Grow your business by simplifying assembly and gaining new customers.  Lockdowel fasteners are designed to give your customer the ultimate in simplicity of assembly. With no tools required and minimal instructions, your customers can assemble in minutes rather than hours.  Best of all, the final assembly looks and performs like a casegoods product and will stay sturdy for the life of the furniture.  

Case Good Manufacturers:  Streamline manufacturing processes by reducing bottlenecks caused by gluing and clamping stations, reduce shipping and warehousing costs by 80% buy utilizing KD flat pack shipping . Ship your products from the factory like the RTA companies do, then assemble in America at the point of sale in minutes.  Lockdowel products make this possible by allowing for easy and  fast assembly while retaining the look and feel of a factory assembled casegoods product. 

New Drawer Slides - snap in rollers, one piece slides

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