ASFD membership type / annual dues*

Professional Membership / $225

Professional (voting) membership in ASFD is available to individuals whose primary occupation for at least two years has been the practice or teaching of furniture design Including contract, residential, and custom designers of furniture and related furnishings.

International Professional Membership / $225

Professional Retired / $50

Professional "B" / $140

Professional "B" (voting) membership is available to individuals who meet the above requirements and are 30 or younger.

Affiliate Membership / $140

Affiliate membership is available to individuals whose work in the visual arts is related to the furniture and home furnishings industry. Examples include designers and engineers of products, interiors and graphics and allied craftsmen.

Associate Membership / $140

Associate membership is available to individuals whose business has an interest in the design process. Examples include those who practice marketing, production, finance, law and journalism.

Student Membership / $35

Student membership is available to individuals currently engaged in studies related to the field of furniture design.

Corporate Membership / $600

Corporate (sustaining) membership is available to companies and organizations engaged in supplying goods or services to the furniture industry, or who wish to support the objectives of ASFD. Includes international companies.

Corporate Member Representative / $75

Corporate representative membership is available to representatives or divisions of companies at a discounted rate under the Corporate Membership umbrella.

*Tax Deductible (ASFD is a non-profit organization)

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